Living a Healthier Holistic Lifestyle

SBS Consultation ---- Intake process of one on one analysis with an holistic approach including pH level testing, vitamin deficiency testing, eating habits, water intake, sleep patterns, cleaning supplies used, medications, cooking and shopping 

Bio-Assessment Test ---- this service is to test your vitamin and essential oil deficiencies through a galvanic skin tissue resolution.  These electric currents read your tissue cells from the pores in your hands allowing us to know how to treat the health of your hair from the inside out.  With this evaluation you will learn to live a healthier hair lifestyle the holistic way of herbs and essential oils


MRT (muscle response testing) & Tip Testing ---- this method is used to test for allergies and other adverse reactions to food. It allows us to test the weakness and strength of the related organ.


SBS Foot and Body Cleanse Detox ---- During this process your feet are submerged in a sea salt bath over water with an electrical filter that helps pull the negative and positive ions from the sweat glands on the feet. We have over 200 sweat glands on the souls of our feet which allows the detox to purify the bloodstream by way of the pores (opening) 

Hair analysis ---- Our method of using a microscope to analyze the hair and scalp condition to determine the state of the hair and condition of the scalp. We photograph the scalp and hair to assess and determine treatments for hair loss, dry, brittle, damaged hair, allergies, inflammation and more.

Iridology —— We examine the iris of the eyes to identify conditions within the body through color, pigmentation, and the structure to help heal the body holistically

Physical Observation —— The experience of using my senses and observational skills to evaluate behavior and mental acuity. The appearance of the body, face, tongue, nails; Bodily excretions, tears, saliva, sweat, urine, and feces. This method is from the Traditional Chinese Medicine practice

pH (potential hydrogen) Testing ——- This test measures the resistance and indicates speed of digestion and creation of energy. Two types of testing for the upper and lower digestive system, which will help determine your acid and alkaline state for optimal health

Our intentions within my scope of practice and expertise is to educate, facilitate, and procreate self healing through natural resources and to eliminate the use of medication, drugs, and surgery. Holistic health will allow the body to heal itself and help the with the integrity of the hair, nails, and skin.

Shawné Reddic

Holistic Hair Guru