Are you ready for a New & Better You

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Botanical Seven Replenish Hair Tea is designed to restore, renew and replenish your hair from hair loss, thinning, & breakage. The concept of a drinking tea replenishes the dermal papillae with nutrients, which is also a leave in tonic to spray on your hair directly. 
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Natural hair styles

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SBS Hair Studio designs that perfect look for the New You!

We style hair for all occasions such as natural hair, extensions, braids, short hair & more. This is Where Science and Art Meets.
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It all starts at the shampoo bowl

SBS Hair Restoration Clinic is designed to help promote the health of your hair and scalp Holistically. Our services include scalp treatments that stimulate growth through circulation in the blood stream. This is Where Science and Hair Meets.

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SBS Foot and Body Cleanse Detox

Pressure points are imperative to how we identify the toxins being removed from the bloodstream by way of the 200 sweat glands on each foot. This detoxification releases negative and posiive ions of mucus, acidosis, candida, inflammation, locked in old substance, and more.