SBS Hair Studios stands for Styles by Shawne'. I am a hair stylist who has a lot of love and respect for the hair industry. Hair Sessions is what I consider my work, talent, and skills that I apply to every clients hair I touch.  This industry has allowed me to build from the ground up with high hopes and ambition of becoming a Salon Owner.  I lease out Hair Studios to 6 other hair stylist in the heart of Leimert Park.  We are a group of young, eagered, and talented stylist who cares about healthy hair.
I prefer to heal the temple from the inside out. We must think joyful thoughts, eat healthy foods, release toxins from our body, endure in positivity, and interact with like minded people.  The health of our hair is conclusive to all the above mentioned and we shall over come to get ourselves to a happier place in life.  Trust, Believe and you shall Receive the goodness that is intended for you.