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How to save your hair from from split ends while wearing Braids or Weaves...


At SBS Hair Studios we assure the protection of your ends with our clients hair prior to braiding their hair with extensions, added hair, or installing weaves.  Our go to product is CoConut oil which is inteded to moisturize not grow the hair.

If you simply apply the coconut oil to the ends of your hair you will coat the hair to reduce the ends from splitting while adding the extensions which fibers are pretty harsh on the hair.  This allows your hair to be smoothed as the cuticle layers of our hair is like shingles or blinds that are open. This will help you reduce frizz and breakage once it's time to remove the braids or extensions from the hair.

No hairstyle should compromise the health of your hair and cause you to loose hair. Using this method will also assist in reducing shedding, as you know our hair sheds 1,000 strands a day making room for new hair to grow.  When you follow these simple instructions you too will have long healthy hair full of strength and integrity.

Remember coconut oil is a barrier oil to dilute high grade oils. This oil is not intended to grow the hair as it does not contain those properties, however it will enhance the shine, moisture, and reduce shedding, breakage, and split ends.



Shawné Reddic

The Holistic Hair Guru


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