Living a Healthier Hair Lifestyle
Through Holistic Hair Care Services


Infused Oxygen Treatments---- is a service that promotes increased oxygen flow through the oxygen machine that is calibrated to infuse the tonics and oxygen.  This process helps to promote blood circulation, increase oxygen levels, remove any toxins, minerals, dandruff all while infusing positive nutrients to allow the hair to penetrate through the scalp without stress


Bio-Assessment Test---- this service is to test your vitamin and essential oil deficiencies through a galvanic skin tissue resolution.  These electric currents read your tissue cells from the pores in your hands allowing us to know how to treat the health of your hair from the inside out.  With this evaluation you will learn to live a healthier hair lifestyle the holistic way of herbs and essential oils


Hydration Treatments---- during this process your hair is being steamed with beneficial tonics blended in the distilled water to promote moisture, circulation, removal of impurities on scalp and softens the cuticle layers.  It is imperative to know your POROSITY LEVEL in order to know the time and temperature of your steaming process


Scalp Exfoliations---- I use an Acid-Phi shampoo and a Detox conditioner to remove all the buildup on the hair and scalp. For 7 minutes you will receive a scrub in a circular motion promoting stimulation to your pineal gland which heightens your spiritual awareness allowing you to become center with your core.  It is also considered a scalp manipulation causing relaxation after applying the best essential oils to the hair and scalp


Scope---- During your treatments at SBS Hair Studios Hair Restoration Clinic you also have the opportunity to receive a scope of your scalp prior to treatments to identify the existing problem and the after effects and benefits from the treatments


My intentions within my expertise is to educate, facilitate, and procreate the hair back to life by living a healthier hair lifestyle.  I take pride in my knowledge and ability to relate to others.