SBS Hair Studios is a quaint and private location that provides an enviornment of peace and comfort. I pride myself in customer service and healthy hair care where my hair studio is designed to satisfy and go above and beyond my talent and skills with hair styling. You are the celebrity when you come to SBS Hair Studios, so be sure to share with someone about your experience.
— Shawne' Reddic - Stylist - Salon Owner

Our Story

SBS Hair Studios was a dream that came to reality. I always had the passion for hair since I was a little girl at the age of 6 years old.  My ambition as a kid grew into improving my skills in braiding while adding to my talent with barbering and pressing hair.  Who would have thought that doing the neighborhood kids and family members hair in my mothers kitchen would lead to a prosperous business today.  I love what I do and it reflects in my business ethics and respect for others.

Our Vision

At SBS Hair Studios it is my mission to provide my clients and other stylist with knowledge and education as this industry is always evolving.  I will inform anyone with hair the importance of maintaining healthy hair.  SBS Hair Studios will get involved in trade shows, hands on classes, seminars, speaking engagements, and traveling in order to keep everyone informed in the beauty industry. It is my responsibility to keep you updated.